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Bianca Gisselle is Kicking Off 2017 with #GirlPower

Samantha KalanyComment
Photo credit: Anna Maria Lopez

Photo credit: Anna Maria Lopez

LA-based actress/singer, Bianca Gisselle added another pop ballad titled, “You” to her personal lineup today that is sure to make a statement on behalf of women everywhere.

“You” tells the story of a woman in love who gets tormented by the trials and mind games of an emotionally abusive relationship. We all know someone or probably can even identify as that girl in the song and can remember the hard times of the battle for a true relationship.

“Don’t say I didn’t fight.”

 Gisselle belts those words so loud, that you can almost feel them raising the goose bumps on your arms and accelerating your heartbeat. “You” is a fight song unlike any other and it shows us how blinded we become by the cruelties of one-sided relationships. “You” is making a statement and challenging women to stand up for what they believe and protect their hearts and feelings.  

“I did it all for you”

Not only are Gisselle’s lyrics blatant, but also they yell the truth, loud and clear for all to hear. Whether you identify as a hopeless romantic who can’t get their crush to notice you or the lover who is struggling to make the relationship work, this song should project volumes to your heart. No matter how hard you tried to be there for him, he didn’t notice and you did it all for him. When your relationship was slipping through the cracks and worked your best to prevent it from sinking, you did it all for him and still you fell apart.

We are women. Hear us roar. Pop star, Bianca Gisselle gives women a fight song to help lift people up off of the lowest lows and hardest times. All women deserve a fighting chance to stand up for their feelings and to not feel paralyzed by emotionally abusive relationships. I think it’s fair to say that Gisselle’s single, “You” has both motivated and inspired me to stay strong and will likely do the same for other listeners. 



Gisselle isn’t a rookie to the scene, for back in 2015, she released her first EP Get Back to Love: Side A. Side B of her EP is set to release later on this year and its rumored to feature both buzzing electronic and powerful hip-hop styles, not to mention Gisselle’s heightened vocal range and her soulful melodies.  

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