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Up-and-Coming Cincinnati DJs: DJ Stone [Interview]

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As he ventures through his fifth year as an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Cincinnati, DJ Stone has made a name for himself both on and off campus. He aspires to call music his career, and he is using his time in college to pave his way. DJ Stone has recently been working hard remixing and creating music, so I sat down with him to talk about his past, present, and future as an up-and-coming DJ.

What attracted you to music?

Stone states that he was, "constantly listening to music" as he was growing up, but didn't start remixing songs and being a DJ until his sophomore year of college when he got his first set of turntables and started messing around with different tracks.


What would your dream job be?

"To DJ everyday." Throughout his time at UC, Stone has found different role models that have guided him through his passions. One of his most influential rolemodels, DJ Bandcamp, has inspired Stone through his journey. He told me, "If he [DJ Bandcamp] can do it, I can do it."


If you could DJ in any city, where and why?

"I would love to travel to Dubai. I want to travel and see the city. Plus, get paid to do what I love."


Who are you currently listening to?

"Everything: from Pop, to Hip-Hop, to RnB. I try to get a variety." Additionally, Stone credits his mother who told him to be "diverse" in his music.


How do you decide which songs you are going to play?

If he’s a home just messing around, DJ Stone will just think about what naturally comes next, and fits with the vibe of the song. If he is out DJing, "it all depends on the crowd. The vibe of the crowd chooses what song is next." If the crowd is feeling what he is playing, he will keep the energy alive.

If you could collab with anyone, who would you collab with and why? If he could work alongside, it would be up-and-coming producing artist Skillesmadiet to create a mixtape of their work. "I'm all about helping out everyone else," Stone states.


How have you seen yourself grow since you began?

When he started, it was a “little mixing here and there," ultimately putting a few mixes on Soundcloud. As he listens to his older works, he sees the "growth and improvement" throughout the years.


What is next for you?

"Graduate, get a job and DJ on the side. Keeping working until I have DJ'ing as a full career.” Stone is working hard to lay the groundwork right now, building up social media and DJ presence. Also, has an “exclusive group” that gets mix-tapes, messages, and updates first.


Any final thoughts or words of wisdom?

"Be consistent and stay humble. Other people will get picked, and get opportunities that you think you should have gotten. That’s okay. Keep on working and it will come when it comes. Outwork everyone."


If you're looking to keep up with him on social...

Instagram: @therealdjstone

Twitter: @therealdjstone