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Aria Wunderland takes a Pop Star Approach to Address Government Operations with 'Coup D’etat'

Samantha KalanyComment

Someone call Lady Gaga, because we’ve got a new rebellious pop star on our hands. New York City-native, Aria Wunderland and start-up political passion-ista has a lot to say about the most recent United States presidential election and its impact on our society.

What is a Coup D’etat, you might ask? You may have learned about it in a high school World History course, but it’s defined as a complete overthrow of all government operations by an external force or rebellious group.

Ms. Wunderland uses her song, “Coup D’etat” to stand up next to the many who have already voiced their opinions on November’s recent political events. Whether you took to social media to tweet and/or post about your political stances and rants, or rather even stood out on the front battle lines to picket about your protests and viewpoints; you’ve made yourself known and heard.

Aria Wunderland took her pen to a pad of paper and developed her powerful rant into a hit single off of her upcoming EP titled Paper Gowns.

“I wanted to express my frustration through art,” stated Wunderland in a recent interview with Vents Magazine. “A Coup D’etat is very unlikely to ever happen in our country, but I wanted to hypothetically play around with the idea and elicit doubt about our democracy in my fans and listeners.”

With the repeating song lyric, “This ain’t nothin’ but lies,” bouncing throughout my eardrums, it is very evident that Wunderland wanted to shout her message out, loud and clear for those to soak up.

“While we live in a democracy, we are in fact powerless, brainwashed and blindfolded. A coup not only encourages an overthrow of the government, but also pulls for reaching a new level of mental freedom and awakening,” proclaimed the pop star in a further explanation of her empowering song.

Music is an amazing world filled with artists and creative souls who educate their listeners and speak their minds in coordination with beautiful tunes and various genres. Wunderland, however, mixes her alternative styles with a soft and melodic electronic twist that soothes the listeners, but also builds the song’s lyrical content.

With the upcoming United States Presidential Inauguration around the corner, “Coup D’etat” is the tune to jam out to. 

You can expect to see a “Coup D’etat” music video release in the near future, as well as the rest of her Paper Gowns EP. Make sure to follow Aria on Twitter, Soundcloud and Facebook for more updates on her EP and to connect with the star.