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Lady Gaga - Joanne World Tour - Louisville [PHOTOS]

PhotosRebecca PotznerComment

It's easy to feel lost at a concert, especially when it's a sold out stadium. Somehow though, Lady Gaga made thousands feel welcomed and noticed. Flowing through her discography from The Fame all the way to Joanne, Gaga entertained from the main stage to 3 smaller stages reaching to the back of the floor. Crossing over each stage, the music icon pointed out individuals in the crowd. She complimented them, asked them questions and thanked them for being there. She even read a fan letter that brought her to tears.

Standing before her piano, just five foot two, Gaga spoke on feeling alone. She dedicated 'Million Reasons' to every single person who had ever felt lost or alone themselves and reminded us that she's there for you. We all are. With tears beading from the corners of my eyes, I realized if Lady freaking Gaga could feel alone then it was ok and normal to have those same feelings. We're all unique "little monsters" and in that moment it felt like we all belonged. Gaga wasn't just there to perform, she was there to connect - giving us a million more reasons to appreciate her not only as an artist but as a human being. She may not be flawless, but she's got a diamond heart. 


Photos taken + edited by Rebecca Potzner. Camera: Sony - DSC-WX350 18.2-Megapixel