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Discover: All Around Ohio [PLAYLIST]

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From Cincinnati to Columbus, Dayton to Cleveland and everywhere in between, Ohio features artists of all genres from all different backgrounds. It seems odd, right? A state that seems so plain on the outside, has such an exciting and unique music scene on the inside. From rap and pop punk to indie and pop rock, Ohio's music has it all. So whether you're looking for an up and coming band or seeking a brand new artist to show your friends, the All Around Ohio playlist features songs from some of Ohio's best including: The Yugos, Modern Aquatic, This Pine Box, Motherfolk, HARBOUR, Public, Jetty Bones, Saintseneca, Audley, Gabe Maas and the Bruins, Current Events, Everyone Leaves, The Sleeping Sounds, The Orphan The Poet, Northbound, Automagik, Friday Giants, Multimagic, Indigo Wild, Beloved Youth, and The Sidekicks.