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The “New Music Friday” group Deaf Havana is back at it again with topping UK charts and releasing brand new music to kick off 2017 the right way.

Deaf Havana’s latest album, “All These Countless Nights” is a good set of songs to set on shuffle while taking a long drive just to think. I am always looking for an artist or album to listen to during night rides. I can almost feel the weariness and heartache in the group’s front man, James Veck-Gilodi’s voice.

“What’s the point in trying conversation if you don’t have the strength to talk?

But it’s alright I said, I’ll stay here and lie away for days

And count the spiders on the ceiling, until my mind withers away.

If we drive away to the places I love the most

When my lungs collapse and my heart turns black

I’ll give my ashes to the coast.

Those words have rippled through my mind while listening to the tune, time and time again. Deaf Havana’s song “Ashes, Ashes” seems to understand the insecurities that most people have about starting a clean slate on life. I can relate to not being a fan of the woman I was in the past and this collection of lyrics, along with every other lyric in “All These Countless Nights” has proven that it’s all okay to find yourself again.

 “All These Countless Nights” has already been pinned as an “emotionally bruising” album that reveals more about Gilodi and who he really identifies as. Fellow band members, Max Britton, Lee Wilson, and Tom Ogden have all compiled their talents to produce an album, unlike any prior piece that isn’t holding back, musically, emotionally and creatively.

I heard the phrase that artists who have experienced a world of hurt in their lives produce the best music. Deaf Havana has done just that with this amazing album release. Their combination of poetically honest lyrics and upbeat pop-punk vibes keeps me listening all day. I’ve definitely found a new album to keep up with on Spotify.

Currently the band has only released European tour dates, but hopefully they will take a trip across the pond to play in the U.S. in the near future. I encourage you to keep up with the Norfolk, England boys on social media for further updates on music videos, new singles and tour additions!