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March Means Women's Appreciation Month: What's Up with JustAsh? [INTERVIEW]

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In honor of Women's History Month kicking off, I took some time to sit down with 101.1 The Wiz On-Air Talent Ashley Maclin, or JustAsh. We discussed her growth in radio and her aspirations for the future. You can listen to JustAsh from 10AM-3PM, Monday - Saturday and catch her in the streets at live club broadcasts and events with clients! 

So, where did you attend college and what did you receive a degree for?

Ash: I went to Norfolk State University! [Norfolk, VA] Home of the Spartans. BEHOLD THE GREEN AND GOLD! I went to school for Music media with an emphasis in Communications. I was able to learn about music programming and production all while perfecting my major and minor instrumentation on saxophone and piano!

Why did you want to work in radio?

Ash: I believe that radio found me! I love music and when I was in school I figured out that it was my passion, that's why I chose music as my major! I never had issues with tests or exams because I've always loved music so much!

I started my journey interning at Universal Motown, now Universal Republic, and I knew I wanted to be in the music industry... but maybe in a different lane. I started to pursue radio stations and interned at several. I was able to work my way from a Promotions/Production intern to a Production Assistant to a Promotions Coordinator! Internships are a major key! I was able to learn something from every department and apply that to where I am now, as an On-Air Personality!

Leading off of that, When did your radio career kick off?

Ash: 2012 is when it ALL began! After my internship with Universal in 2011, I realized I wanted to be involved with music from a third party perspective. That's when I thought about radio! Radio has always been dope to me because we're all going to play the same music and have the same stories, but YOU make it different. How can you put a different spin, or your personal perspective to make it interesting?

I started at my college radio station, HOT91, as a Production Assistant, then went to Clear Channel in 2012, now iHeart Media as a Promotions/Production Intern. I was promoted to a Promotions Assistant in 2013 and then three months later was staffed as a Full-Time Promotions Coordinator and On-Air Talent! 

Do you have any radio idols? Who inspired you to become a radio talent?

Ash: Definitely! There are some significant people who I listened to growing up like Miss Jones in the The Morning, Star and Buck Wild, Angie Martinez, Ebro, Funkmaster Flex, Elvis Duran. I'm from New Jersey, so when I grew up, it was all about Hot97, Power105, WBLS, Z100. Now I'm ready to leave my stamp!

March is Women's History Month. Can you name three women who have inspired you up until this point and why?

Ash: I would have to start off by saying, my mom and grandmother. My Grandmother is graceful, timeless and if it wasn't for her there wouldn't be my mom. My Mom, Adrienne, is a powerful go-getter who makes things happen out of thing air. Both of them are teachers so they always stressed the importance of education and chasing my dreams. 

Lastly, I'm not sure who to say. All women in music inspire me because it is a male dominated industry and we have to work harder and play smarter in order to get the same recognition. I love Beyonce and Rihanna. They both are in their desired career path while building an empire. Beyonce is the best entertainer we've seen since Michael Jackson. She has her own label and clothing line. 

Then there's Rihanna. She's risky and bares it all, but she still knows she's in control. Whether that's being a creative director for her line with Stance Socks, her shoe line with Puma or with recently being awarded Harvard University's 2017 Humanitarian of the Year!

What is your favorite thing about working in radio and specifically 101.1 The Wiz?

Ash: I LOVE BEING ON AIR! I love interacting with listeners, relating to them and being able to have a voice for people of Cincinnati! 

My favorite thing about being on air with 101.1 The Wiz is 'Mid-Day Mayhem with JustAsh.' It's just me, you and place where we can talk about music, favorite artists, celebrities and everything that goes on in our communities and backyards!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Any big next steps?

Ash: 5 years?! I'm definitely taking over! I'll be a millionaire, you can catch me on a few commercials, billboards, still having a radio show. You will see me as an extra in one of your favorite movies, hosting events nationally and still making sure to give back! I will be hosting clothing and shoe drives. I will hold events for the community and this this show on the road, God Willing. I'm excited for myself, but I'm also more than excited to help the next person on their way up!