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Inspiring Women in Radio: Catching Up with Mollie Watson [INTERVIEW]

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March is Women's Appreciation Month, and I got the opportunity to sit down and talk with Mollie Watson, night-time DJ on Cincinnati's Q102. From Who Dey Housewives to Shazam 7 at 7, Mollie was destined to be in radio - and you can feel her passion for being on-air every time you listen to her. You can catch Mollie from 7-midnight weekdays on Q102, 101.9! 


Where are you from and where did you go to school? 

Mollie: I grew up in Hebron, Kentucky, went to Northern Kentucky University and got a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in English. I'm a Kentucky girl!

How did you end up at Q102? 

Mollie: My Mom used to work in makeup and did makeup for a girl that worked in promotions here at Q102. She said there was actually an opening, and at the time I was looking for an internship. This was about 6 or 7 years ago and I met with Katie, our Promotions Director and started off as a part-time Promotions Coordinator for about 6 months while in college. From there, I got hired on and eased onto on-air. 

Why radio? What motivated you to be on-air? 

Mollie: I've always loved to talk and I love people! I always knew I wanted to be in sales, marketing, TV or radio: anything that would let me interact with people constantly. My Mom was actually in radio for years in college and always said I would end up on-air. We're so much alike and I followed her footsteps. I feel like radio is just in my blood and that I was destined to be on-air! 

Favorite part about being a DJ? 

Mollie: Definitely the family atmosphere here at Q102- we're all so extremely close! I also love working with non-profits and being able to give back. Plus the freedom to be creative and be able to put my fun ideas into action.

Can you think of an example of something you were able to put your creative spin onto? 

Mollie: Who Dey Housewives! We actually just wrapped up our second season of this. I met Melissa Whitworth at a non-profit even and she was so funny that I asked her to come on my show. So, she came in, brought all the other wives, and they told these hilarious stories about their NLF-playing husbands. I was really excited to see that come into play! 

What's the best piece of advice you received as you were starting off in the business? 

Mollie: Learn to say no. I'm always the one who wants to help out and give back but there are times when I wear myself too thin. So, learning to say no, but also learning to say yes. Being able to step in and help others out. 

What's your dream position?

Mollie: I want to stay in radio for sure. I would say have my own show, but I already have that! I would say being able to speak on a morning or mid-day type of show.

Favorite hobby when you're not on-air? 

Mollie: I love going to antique shops. Recently I've gotten into refurbishing furniture. I also like to workout and read. I'm trying to get more into cooking, so I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking up recipes! Plus, I love just going out with friends and spending time with family. 

Favorite song or artist right now? 

Mollie: I'm a big Rihanna fan, but also the Chainsmokers. Closer is probably my favorite song, definitely my favorite of 2016. Fleetwood Mac is also one of my favorite bands, but really anything we play on Q, I love. When you work in radio, you have such a wide genre of interests!

Since March is Women's Appreciation Month, what women inspire you? 

Mollie: Definitely my Mom. I'm so close with my Mom - she's my best friend! She's always so positive and I really appreciate that. She always brings me back down when I'm too hard on myself. My mom is just so strong and I definitely aspire to be just like her when I grow up!