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Artist Spotlight - Everyone Leaves

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“I want you out of my chest, I want you out of my head, I need my freedom back, I want to be myself again.”

A band like Everyone Leaves is special. They get inside your head, inside your soul, and you begin to feel everything that is being said in their songs. Since seeing Everyone Leaves a few short weeks ago for the first time, I haven’t stopped listening to them, and for good reason. From their relatable lyrics to creative guitar work to the driving force of the drums, Everyone Leaves has all the qualities to be the next big alternative/emo rock band in their scene.

Comprised of Jacob Bialosky (Vocals/Guitar), Jake Ciccotelli (Guitar/Vocals), Aubree Roe (Bass/Vocals), Joseph Micucci (Guitar/Vocals), and Jordan Sloan (Drums), Everyone Leaves got their start in late 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. After playing local shows for their first year as a band, Everyone Leaves embarked on their first tour. It was this tour that has proved to be a major part in defining the band’s goals and how they want to accomplish them.

Since then, Everyone Leaves has played a little over 200 shows on self-booked tours in about 30 states. The band has tour with artists such as Fossil Youth, Hot Mulligan, Save Face, Bogues, Secret Stuff and many others. Everyone Leaves has also been part of The Fest in Gainesville, Florida, Take Hold Fest in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as various other similar festivals throughout the Eastern United States.

Currently, Everyone Leaves is touring in support of their most recent EP “The Lonely End”. The EP was released in October 2016 in collaboration with Little Heart Records. “The Lonely End” is a fantastic EP, one that has quickly found its way into some of my current playlists and everyday listening. The album is full of honesty, and can be exactly the thing someone needs to hear. Everyone Leaves is a band to check out, and a band that will be here for years to come.

On March 22nd, Everyone Leaves will start their 2nd tour of 2017 with Minneapolis, Minnesota natives Household.


Favorite songs: “Better Love”, “Head in a Vice”

Photo and flyer by Carolyn Ambriano

Photo and flyer by Carolyn Ambriano