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Artist Spotlight - Current Events

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Every once in awhile, I’ll stumble across an album or a song that I used to listen to and think, “I completely forgot how good this is.” Typically, it’s something that I used to listen to in high school or early college. Bands such as As Cities Burn, The Early November, Copeland and even Manchester Orchestra are just a few examples of music I tend to rediscover. But, as I’ve gotten older, some of these bands have fallen out of my playlists and my normal rotation of music that I listen to. The good news is that I recently discovered a band that reminds me of the bands I listed above. That band is Current Events from Cincinnati, Ohio.


Current Events is a post-rock/indie band comprised of Jacob Aufdenkamp (Guitar/Vocals), Kevin Bole (Guitar/Vocals), Mike Brodbeck (Bass) and Kyle Wavra (Drums). The band has been a project in the works since 2010, and in 2015, they really hit their stride. Since 2015, Current Events has become everything that it’s members hoped that it would be, and things can only go up from here. Their musical style is unique, and is a stand out amongst the local music scene. By combining all musicial influences, from light hearted folk to aggressive hardcore, Current Events looks to continue building on the their momentum, and striving to newer heights, while staying true to themselves and their music.

This summer, Current Events will be playing at Bunbury Music Festival and look to head out on the road throughout the rest of the year. Be sure to catch Current Events around Cincinnati and potentially a city near you.

Upcoming shows:

April 15th at the Woodward Theater

  May 5th at Southgate House Revival


Favorite Songs:

It Might Be Best, Beetleborgs, Blurred With You