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#ArtistSpotlight: Screaming Girl Power Loud & Proud - The Regrettes release "Feel Your Feelings Fool!"

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If The Regrettes’ Feel Your Feelings Fool! album doesn’t shout girl power, than I guess I don’t know what girl power is. The almost all-girl rock group has just released their 14-song album in January and it has turned out to be a favorite of mine so far! The angst filled pop/rock group has gifted us with this album just in time for the arrival of Women’s History Month and all of the other empowering female movements that 2017 has brought as well!

The young pop sensation group got its start back in 2015 and has been bringing their punk nerve and energy to the scene ever since then. Some say that they’ve even created a teenage rebellion that has kept their music fresh and new. Deriving from Los Angeles, the band is compiled of the following bad*** ladies:  Lead singer Lydia Night, guitarist Genessa Gariano, bassist Sage Nicole and drummer Maxx Morando.

The Regrettes’ singles, “A Living Human Girl,” “Hey Now” and “Hot” were all released during the summer of 2016 are all making their second debut on this full album, Feel Your Feelings Fool!

 My favorite song on the album is probably the angst filled sarcastic bit called, “Ladylike/WHATTA BITCH.” It’s a two part song, where “Ladylike” consists of a few dark statements and then it smoothly transitions into the upbeat but sarcastic reaction to the sexist people of our generation. 

 It’s literally a slap in the face to every single person who shoots women down and it shuts down those who stereotype and label women. The opening lyrics of “Ladylike” are spoken in a haunting tone that makes a mockery of those who classify women as wives who stay inside the house and make sandwiches for their husbands.

“Be soft, be shy, read a book and learn to cook

Be nice, be dumb, clean the floors and wash your pores

Be light, be small, and wear a dress below your knees, not less

Be insecure, be a wife, cater to a man for the rest of your life.”

Women are always being told, “Do this” or “Don’t do that.” The teenage rebels are making a statement that speaks loud and clear for all to take a stand behind. These women are fearless and they aren't afraid to voice how they feel about sexism that is very much still alive in our country and in our world. I encourage to hit the shuffle button on this sick album and let these ladies preach to you about the truths of our world for a few minutes. 

You can keep up with The Regrettes on all social media accounts for updates on possible tour dates and further music videos and releases!