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#NowPlaying: Can't Stop Listening to Henry Chadwick's EP "Guest At Home"

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Henry Chadwick's first EP Guest At Home is now available on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes!

Henry Chadwick's first EP Guest At Home is now available on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes!


Get ready because the release radar is buzzing. Henry Chadwick and his group have released their first EP titled Guest At Home and you can access the entire album on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes! The 5-song EP features the following songs: “Guest At Home”, “Overtime,” “Alright,” “Something I Don’t Know” and “The Two of Us.” The whole EP discusses a general theme of love, but the lyrics propose some darker meanings of being in love and being alone.



 “I’m loving alone ‘cause I love myself best.

I sure hope I feel hopeful

I’m done moping I guess

Put my thoughts on repeat and play to the beat.”

You can listen to the above lyrics in Chadwick’s first single, “Alright” and from the vibe that his writing gives off; you would feel as though the whole album portrays a very mellow and honest sound. In all honesty, however, the group makes sure to keep the listener on their toes with different melodies and a change of pace per song. For example, his tune “Guest At Home” is a lot more upbeat and fast paced with brighter lyrics.

“Our love is like a chicken with no head, living on after it’s dead


I'm a guest at home

And I'm waking up along beside her

I'm afraid of everything

And she's in love with everyone she knows"

 Henry Chadwick’s creative lyric writing and indie-alternative theme have me completely obsessed with this collection of songs and unable to remove my headphones from my ears. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found another artist to add to my “Long Drives” playlist and I am hooked!

You can keep up with Henry Chadwick and his group on Facebook and Twitter. Following that, Chadwick also has a blog, which he updates from month to month and his posts are a great read that are very personable and down to earth.





Take my word for it, this EP is great and it is one you don’t want to miss out on!