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Soul Step Records Releases SSR-019 with PONCÉ

Rebecca PotznerComment

There are a few things I can’t resist. Good music and a brilliantly colored vinyl are two of those things. Lucky for me AND you, Soul Step Records has us covered. Today, Soul Step Records releases their latest 45 single showcasing Nashville’s  PONCÉ, a dynamic pop rock duo. (Fun fact: They’re not just a duo, they’re twins!)


The Cincinnati Independent vinyl label released the single today to the public offering a limited 100 print in a drop dead gorgeous Neon Lights Pink. Soul Step Record subscribers had first dibs on the colored print, so don’t sleep on ordering your own copy. Buy here. 

From harmonic melodies and dancey synths, PONCÉ offers a feel good vibe you can groove or chill to. On side A, Surrender To The Night tiptoes the line of making the perfect background track to a John Hughes movie yet still staying relevant to the indie rock scope of 2017. Flip to side B and Elevator pulls their rock roots to the forefront with a Bruce Springsteen sound.

You can listen to the two tracks below but let’s be honest...There’s nothing like hearing it on vinyl.