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Filthy Friday Vol. 22

Filthy Friday, #PlayRPMGaby PeytonComment

Filthy Friday returns with volume 22 of our magnificent bass series and this week is bringin' the heat. This week Franky Nuts definitely gets it (I'm funny, right?) alongside Diskirz and Lux to kick off this week's playlist with some dark, bass-heavy bangers. Then, Kris Cayden brings us a lil' riddim action with "Cease and Survive" because who doesn't love riddim? (This is a rhetorical question, don't break my heart.) Next, Helipcopter Showdown, Sluggo, Dubloadz, Mantis, and SQUNTO take over the playlist and do that cool thing they do best.... Ya know, the cool thing with bass that they do. It's fantastic. Check it out below!