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Artist Spotlight - TWINS.

FeatureRebecca PotznerComment

Everyone has that one decade that they know they would absolutely THRIVE in if they could go back in time. For me, it's the 80's. The hair, the clothes, the music. I love it all. So, when TWINS. came around with his 80's inspired EP, This Is Us., I was ALL about it. 

Born and raised in Sweden, Ludwig Alexander Jonsson aka TWINS. found his love for 80's music as an adolescent watching movies like Lethal Weapon, Beverly Hills Cop and Midnight Express with his mom. His earlier influences go on to include José Gonzales, The Chemical Brothers, The Knife, Kleerup, Giorgio Moroder and The Strokes. Later on, TWINS. found inspiration from artists like Youth Lagoon, Beach House, Crystal Castles and M83. 

Although only two songs, the 'This Is Us.' EP offers just enough. The first track on the EP, 'Werewolf', brings in a chill yet dance-y synth sound. To set the mood...Imagine you're going on a date with your crush. The two of you hop into a convertible and drive off into the abyss that is cotton candy skies. Yep, that's exactly what 'Werewolf' sounds like. Just like having a crush, it's upbeat, warm, and soothing. While keeping a similar style, 'Monologue' starts with a slower build decorated with velvety vocals and a delicate walk across the keyboard. If you're a fan of The 1975 and Years & Years, you'll love this track.