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Twenty One Pilots Tour De Columbus - Schottenstein Center [PHOTO]

Photos, ReviewRebecca PotznerComment

It's hard to explain how it felt sitting in The Schottenstein Center filled with the Skeleton Clique for Twenty One Pilot's last show of Tour De Columbus. I've seen them before a handful of times, but this time was different. The energy was high and the feeling of home was undeniable.

Maybe it was because we were in their hometown where they once struggled to play shows and now they sell out arenas. Maybe it was because the little girl next to me was seeing them for the first time and wanted to experience it with her mom. Maybe it was because the arena was filled with fans dressed in TØP gear and their iconic stage looks. Maybe it was because I had spent the day with my friend whose son was about to experience his very first concert. Whatever it was, this concert was hard hitting and emotional. 

As we waited for Tyler and Josh to take the stage, a group on the floor started moving their cellphones in unison with their flashlights on. Soon enough, the Schott was filled with lights moving in synchronicity. As the lights died down, the stands started the wave. No section was "too cool" and even the floor level joined in on the fun. At points along the night, the crowd grew silent in their focus. Everyone was their to experience every bit of what Tyler and Josh had to offer. While I believe Ticketmaster's Verified Fan approach played a part in this, it's the community that Twenty One Pilots has built that made it possible.