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Spotify + Billboard Team Up For The Ultimate Streaming Experience

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Music lovers, rejoice!

Streaming music just got better thanks to Billboard’s recent partnership with Spotify. That’s right, two of the biggest names in the music industry have teamed up to implement innovative ideas and concepts into practice and provide an enhanced music streaming experience. Now, for 2016, Billboard announced Spotify as the exclusive playback partner for Billboard in 2016.

What Does This Mean?

Spotify will now feature playback of Billboard’s weekly music charts. Implemented April 21, on the Billboard website, visitors now will be able to listen to 30 seconds of each song featured on each of Billboard’s charts. After 30 seconds, you may listen to the full track on Spotify.  This will likely dramatically boost the use of Spotify, as those who do not currently have the application will most certainly consider it now if they are an avid fan of Billboard’s charts. Seeing as how Billboard is a prime source for discovering the latest and hottest music, this undeniably puts Spotify as the go-to for streamers who want to easily listen to the charts.

In addition to the new playback feature, Billboard’s website will now feature a weekly editorial that contains Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’ playlist. The editorial will mimic the layout of the charts, including a Spotify play button so viewers may listen while they read.

However, the benefits of the partnership get better. Now added to both Spotify and Billboard, are three new charts, based entirely off streaming statistics in the U.S. from the week. First, the Viral 50, a playlist dedicated to the 50 most performing songs based on social and sharing activity. Next, the Velocity Chart, a playlist compiled of the 30 most ranked songs based on total Spotify streams and then track’s weekly individual rate of growth. Last, and most interesting, is Spotify Rewind. This playlist is unique because it is a highlight of five songs for every decade from 1960 through the 2000s. This playlist is curated off of total streaming popularity and again the song’s weekly growth rate. 

check out the new charts for april 30


Spotify Memberships

Spotify has many membership options available for those interested. Take a look at the graphic below to understand the differences in user capabilities between the free and premium (paid) memberships. Spotify also offers discount pricing to students, as well as, those who would be interested in purchasing a family membership. Additionally, Spotify also offers the option for those interested in the premium membership, but uninterested in paying monthly, a lump sum payment option. Pricing for all available memberships is listed in full below the graphic. 

Additional Membership Pricing

Free - $0.00/month + tax

Premium - $9.99/month + tax

Premium Student - $4.99/month + tax

Premium Year - $119.88/year + tax

Family (Me +1) - $14.99/month + tax

Family (Me +2) - $19.99/month + tax

Family (Me +3) - $24.99/month + tax

Family (Me +4) - $24.99/month + tax