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A Night With Audley

ReviewRobb ClarkComment

“If you want to roll, then come with me”, Johnny Glover, aka Audley, croons as he closes out his set just a week ago at the Southgate House Revival in Newport, Ky. The hook, one of the many catchy pieces the Cincinnati-based artist delivers, has the ability to get stuck within your mind, causing you to sing the words over and over again the next day. 

This was my second time seeing Audley over the past few months and it’s easy to say that this time was just as good as the last. There’s a sense of tension when Audley walks on stage. A feeling of excitement. A feeling of high energy. A feeling of “this is about to be so good”. It’s hard to put an exact word or phrase to that feeling, but just know that there is a reason to be excited when Audley's performing.

Within the first two minutes of Audley’s set, which usually begins with the track “Listen”, that hyped tension from before has now burst into excitement. My head starts to bob up and down, and I begin to bounce along with the rest of the crowd to the beat. If this is a sign of what the rest of the set will be like, then I know I’m in for a good night.

Audley works the stage like a pro performing songs from his previous two releases, The Deep End and DONNA.  “Rock Bottom” and “Willow” are instant crowd favorites. The hype of the crowd can be felt throughout the room. 

Audley also performed some new material - a sign of evolving. Pieces of the unreleased work showcased his signature style, resembling different parts of The Deep End and DONNA. At the same time though, Audley was charting new territory, and does it extremely well. I sensed a Childish Gambino vibe (think Gambino’s newest release “Awaken, My Love!”), and I was instantly hooked.

If I have one overall thing to say about the show from Audley last night it's this: look out for Audley in 2017. With his catchy hooks, infectious beats and exciting stage presence, Audley puts on a show that’s incredibly hard to forget. If you find that Audley is going to be performing near you, it’s a must. You won’t be sorry that you went. Audley is poised for a big year in 2017, and pretty soon, he could be coming to a city near you.

Next show: January 20th @ Rake’s End, 9 PM. 

Favorite Song(s): “Listen”, “Rock Bottom”

Ellie Goulding Rocks Express LIVE in Columbus, OH [Review]

ReviewRebecca PotznerComment

By: Dayna De Leon

Credit: Ellie Goulding Instagram 

Credit: Ellie Goulding Instagram 

Wow, what a show! Last night I had the privilege of seeing Ellie Goulding at Express LIVE, formerly known as the LC Pavilion, in Columbus, Ohio. Opening acts included Bebe Rexha and Years and Years. Unfortunately, Olly of Years and Years was feeling under the weather and so the group did not perform.

credit: Rebecca Potzner

credit: Rebecca Potzner

You may know Bebe Rexha from Me,Myself & I or No Broken Hearts. What you  may not know is that she is the songwriter behind The Monster and Hey Mama. Rexha shared her story of how 4 years ago she was living with her parents, only $200 in her pocket, writing songs and reaching to anyone that would listen. Now she’s touring with one of the biggest names in the biz (okay, I may be biased to that) and sharing her story.

Now, on to Ellie! I purposely wore comfy shoes because I knew she’d have me dancing all night. To no surprise, she did just that. I noted that she too wore comfy shoes but still looked beautiful rocking it out on stage.

I have a true appreciation for artists who sound the same or even better live than they do on their album. Ellie is no exception. I really enjoyed her mixture of hits, acoustic and slower tunes. The transitions between wardrobe changes were really neat, as well. The backdrop of the stage was created by three large screens that during transitions, showcased video of her.

One of my favorite moments of the show was when she requested, so politely, for the audience to put our phones away. Touring for 10+ years, she shared that it’s been interesting to see the way the fans have changed and audiences have evolved. Ellie shared that she would rather see our faces smiling and singing with her rather than the flashes from our phones trying to capture mediocre photos.

The show ended but of course, she came back with an encore. Who doesn’t anymore though these days? Ellie ended the night with Anything Could Happen and Love Me Like You Do. A favorite moment of mine was the confetti shooting out into the crowd like glitter at the very end of the show. I even grabbed some off the floor for memories. All in all, if you’re even the slightest fan of Ellie’s, GO SEE HER.

We've turned the set list into a play list on Spotify. Press play below and enjoy!