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Filthy Friday Vol. 15

#PlayRPMGaby PeytonComment

"WaKe N bAsS"

That's the motto for the first Filthy Friday of February (whoa , alliteration)--  I hope you're as into it as I am. Friday mornings are always a little rough but there is little that a bit of caffeine and bass can't conquer.... Can you say power couple? 

This week Excision, Downlink and Ajapai bring the heat with "Before the Sun" and P0gman slices with "Pizza" (I'm hilarious, I know). Plus Sex Whales communicates "Secrets of the Universe" because some "weird alien" showed up in his room and told him that he better use his vocals and make a track or he will destroy earth (seriously read the track description)... Sounds lit. 

I'd love to keep giving spoilers, but it's really just better if you check out the wubz yourself. Happy Friday!