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#NP Drop Low - Henrix

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Press Release

If you are looking for the perfect tune to lure you to the dance floor, press play on Henrix’s newest track „Drop Low”, which was picked up by Kaskade himself for his label Arkade. After being dropped at Holy Ship and Ultra this spring, over 65,000 people witnessed „Drop Low” first-hand as it was officially debuted at Coachella by the legendary Kaskade himself. Henrix’s track was the only non-Kaskade song in the set and is now ready for a worldwide release.

Henrix has been hustling in 2015, releasing successful collaborations and originals on a multitude of prestigious EDM labels, such as Thrive Music and Mixmash Records. The release of „Drop Low” on veteran producer Kaskade’s relatively new label, Arkade Records, bolsters Henrix’s credibility as a versatile and distinguishable player in the industry. Fellow Miami artist Digital Lab is known for his electro-infused remixes, including Henrix’s „The Underground” with David Tort. No matter where you are, „Drop Low” will get fans of house, bass music, and even hip hop shaking on the dance floors this summer.

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