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Album Review: Taylor Swift '1989'

Rebecca PotznerComment

Written by: Katy Young

Taylor Swift released her 5th album '1989 ' on October 27th and I subsequently had a minor freak out about how quickly I could get to Target to purchase it. Those who purchased the album from Target received the deluxe edition. This included 13 Polaroid pictures of Taylor (her infamous lucky number), 3 bonus songs, as well as 3 voice notes from Taylor herself speaking in depth on how she wrote the lyrics for 3 of the songs

 All of my excitement was warranted as '1989'  may be one of the best albums Taylor Swift has released since her debut self-titled album in 2006. Although it is a departure from her self-title and has very little country sound or influences if any at all, I think it was just what Taylor wanted and needed for herself, her music and what her fans were waiting for.

On the first page of the booklet, Taylor discusses what went into putting the album together, how she spent time listening to music from the year she was born and how it is more of a coming to age for herself, as someone who is about to turn 25, just moved to New York and spent the last 8 years growing up in the public eye. Although Swift stated in interviews that 1989 was going to be less centered around love and break up songs, it seems to have quite a few of them which is great because it’s what she does best!

The first single Taylor released from '1989'  was “Shake it Off” which became an instant hit. I specifically remember driving to yoga and hearing it on the radio for the first time and wishing I had the ability to repeat it immediately. The rest of the songs on the album are just as good! “Blank Space” and “Style” are by far two of my favorite songs off the entire album. “Style” sounds very 80’s influenced which you will hear in many of the other songs such as “Out of the Woods.” Taylor co-wrote “Out of the Woods” with Jack Antonoff from the band fun. and who is also Taylor’s good friend Lena Dunham’s boyfriend. You'll find Jack’s influence and writing on two other songs on 1989. This year, Taylor and Lorde became best friends. coincidently, one thing I noticed through the album and especially on the song “I Know Places” was a Lorde influence which Taylor masters perfectly.

Taylor is top tier when it comes to the promotion of her own music through social media, keeping up the hype until release day. Leading up to the release, she posted lyrics from each of her new songs on her Instagram. Some of her celebrity friends like Lorde and Lena Dunham also posted Tweets about their favorite songs from the new album and how excited they were for the rest of us to hear it. All of this only increased my excitement to get my hands on the album.

While this is by far one of the more pop influenced albums that Taylor has released, she does it flawlessly. Each song is almost better than the next and I found myself listening to it on repeat for a few hours without even realizing I had heard these songs 3 or 4 times in a row. You'll find the girl anthems, such as “Bad Blood”  (rumored to have been wrote about her feud with Katy Perry), the  boy centered songs such as “Out of the Woods”  (rumored to be about her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles and of course the broken-hearted), and love songs such as “All You Had To Do Was Stay.”

While there may be one or two songs that I don’t think are all that great or have some fairly corny lyrics, the album itself is one of her best. Through all of the change and growth Taylor has already gone through, she proves she can and will continue to grow as an artist, breaking every mold that was set for her in the beginning.