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Since it is the weekend before Halloween and I know there will be a thousand parties to attend, I thought it would be fun to create my own Halloween playlist. Feel free to use it as background music for your party or to just listen to while you are getting ghouled up! Hope you enjoy. Have fun and be safe this weekend! 1.Heads Will Roll - YEAH YEAH YEAHS

2. Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Fame- Black Cards

3.I Put A Spell on You - Hocus Pocus

4.Somebody's Watching Me - MJ (Remix)


6. Beetlejuice - Dubstep Mix

7. Born on Halloween - Vanilla Ice ft. ICP

Very interesting to see this performed live. Creepy!!!

8. Halloween mix - Tiesto

You've got to throw in this iconic beat. It reminds me when my dance team did a Beetlejuice themed hip hop routine!

9. Come little Children - Hocus Pocus ( Can you tell I love this movie?)

10. Cuckoo - Adam Lambert


It's a bit random, but that's how my ipod is too! Take a listen :)