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Quick Tips: Event Planning

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After planning numerous events including high school dances, community events, sorority mixers and formals, helping with weddings, and working on the WEBN Fireworks/P&G Riverfest team, I have learned a lot of do’s and don’ts for planning. Here are two of my most important do’s. 1.Don’t be a one (wo)man wolfpack

Having at least one person by your side for the planning and execution of your event will decrease your stress level. As long as you keep constant contact with your team, everything should go just as smoothly, if not more than it would with just you trying to handle the entire event. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!


2. Start early and stay organized.

Both being major stress relievers, they will also reflect positively on you as a person and an event planner. It’s important to start planning early because there may be things that need to be ordered and shipped or a venue or Dj to book. Booking venues and entertainment is not something you want to do last minute. Planning months or maybe even a year in advance will allow you to avoid problems with your date already being booked. People are more likely to help you and work with you again if you are organized and make bookings or orders well in advance. It never looks good to do something last minute. I've found that it helps to stay organized by keeping a calendar with deadlines planned out and a binder or folder to file all important paper work.

What are some of your event planning tips?

Happy event planning!