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2013, Can't Wait to be Seen!

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Happy New Year! I truly hope all of my readers enjoyed their holidays and breaks. 

It's now a new year, 2013. Honestly, where does time run off to? It seems as though a month ago the fall semester was just beginning! But any who, as you've probably noticed, it's been quite some time since my last legitimate post. I apologize, however I was in dire need of a break. I would like to make a pledge to both myself and to my readers to be more consistent in my blog posting. I would like to make a goal of AT LEAST one post per week. 

It has really irked my taters that I haven't been so consistent with my posting. I've been busy thinking of ideas, but unfortunately not writing. I've jumped off the lazy horse and decided to line up some posts and ideas to keep up with my pledge.

I am most excited to announce that I will be starting a blog post series called, "TOUR LIFE ". This series will include interviews from different tour managers and a few different positions in the music industry. If you haven't noticed, I have a burning passion for music and would love to one day work in entertainment public relations. 

Along with the series, I still plan to include my experiences with my internships,jobs, events, and event/music reviews. If you'd like me to write about a specific topic, feel free to contact me. 


I'm excited about what 2013 will bring and I sincerely hope you all are as well!