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Why Ebola Needs It's Own PR Person

Rebecca PotznerComment

Ebola has swept our headlines and timelines but not our country. Did you hear that? It has not swept our country. However, by the many online posts you'd think that it had. A recent post on Facebook got me to think that Ebola is in some serious need of a PR person.

While Ebola hasn't had many issues reaching it's target audience (although we hope it does run into problems), much of it's target audience is uneducated about it. Media is rushing to push content and share updates on the situation, but not all the information is correct. Then we have everyone and their mother  on Facebook freaking out about it when majority of them don't know how it's spread, much less how to pronounce it correctly. 

If Ebola were to have a PR person....

- They could create a campaign and send out releases going into detail on how to pronounce Ebola, what kind of disease it is, symptoms, how it spreads, where it is currently, and any other pertinent information. 

-They could take social media matters into their own hands. Give Ebola a presence online and share all of the information mentioned in the release to counter act the false accusations floating around. 

- Now, if Ebola were to be so kind... It's PR rep could send out press kits to Hospitals that included everything mentioned above PLUS proper protection for when dealing with patients. Although, I think it's safe to say that we all know Ebola doesn't play nice. 

I don't see many people lining up for this job, but I do hope you all will take the time to learn about  Ebola before freaking out everyone on your timelines and freaking out yourself. Be smart and keep healthy, my friends!