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My Dream Job: Then and Now

Rebecca PotznerComment

My mom always says that she still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up. At first, it sounds kind of silly but if you really think about it...It's not silly at all. How many of us are in the career path of the one we imagined when we were bright eyed elementary students? And how many of us are working towards the same career goals that we set as Freshman in College? I'm sure the numbers are quite low. 

When I was in elementary, I wanted to be a veterinarian like many other kids. Who wouldn't want to work with cute little animals, am I right? As I grew older, my dreams changed a little. We vacationed in Florida every summer and I had fallen in love with the beach and the creatures that inhabit it. My dream was to be a Marine Biologist. The dream stayed with me through middle school and even into high school where I found myself volunteering my summers at the Newport Aquarium as a Summer Naturalist and then a Day Captain. 

While my love for the beach and marine environment remained, I began to discover new interests. My involvement in Student Senate brought me to the realization that I LOVED planning events.  By the end of my senior year, I just knew I wanted to become an event planner. 

After four years of college and over a year after graduation, I still want to be an event planner but so much more. I'm a PR passionista. I want to be head to toe in public relations work but with my own twists a long the way. I can't tell you what my dream job is because I have dream JOBS. I want to work in music related PR. I want to plan concerts, special events and even weddings. I want to manage social media and live tweet. I want to work with the media. I want to continue to interview people and blog. I want to create campaigns and brand activations for clients. I want to be a PR rep for artists, athletes, and/or celebrities. I want to be my own boss and own my own agency. But enough of what I want. 

So, do I know what I want to be when I grow up? Sort of. Do I know what my exact dream job is and who currently holds that type of position? Eh, debatable. I do know that the more I learn about different industries and myself, the more my view of a dream job evolves. I guess that's why they call them dream jobs. They're just illusions and we're just working to bring them to life. 

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