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The One Thing You Can't Live Without

Rebecca PotznerComment

So, what is it? What's the ONE thing you can't live without? 

Who knew this would be so difficult to answer. Besides the obvious things needed to survive like food, water and shelter, what would I go crazy without? 

To find my answer, I dug deep.  Taking my mind through different situations, drilling myself with questions. What would I go absolutely insane without? And while I sat here really wondering, many of you probably could have answered for me.



I can't live without it. Honestly. I would go insane in silent world. It's with me almost every living moment. I wake up, listen to music. When I drive, I listen to music. When I'm at work, I listen to music. When I'm relaxing, I listen to music. When I do just about anything, I. LISTEN. TO. MUSIC.

It's in the air I breathe. It's there for me when I'm happy, sad, excited, stressed, goofy, and every emotion in between. Music gives me goosebumps. It's relatable. It inspires and motivates me. It's an escape. It fills me with PURE JOY. 

And while just listening to music on my iphone or computer can be satisfying, there is absolutely nothing like live music. Your feelings heighten to a level you thought could never be reached, euphoria. Music keeps me sane. Music keeps me alive. 

Which is why I've decided to launch my own music blog, RPM. Be sure to check it out next week! 

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