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10 Things I'd Tell Myself When I First Started Blogging

Rebecca PotznerComment
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To be honest, I just jumped into the world of blogging with blind folds on. I didn't really follow any blogs or know what it took to become a successful blog. I joined the blogging world solely for the fact that I wanted to document my experiences through my various internships. It's truly amazing how much my blog and blogging style has evolved from that very first post that gushed about my first day as an intern. If I could go back and talk to my n00b blogger self, here's a few things I'd share:


Have a vision: 

Sit down with yourself and nail down why exactly you want to start this blog. What direction do you want to go? Who is your audience? What do you have to share that they want to read? At first, I was just blogging like it was my diary. No one wants to read that ish.  Establish what is going to make your blog different from all the other blogs out there. 

Be consistent

Although it sounds cliche, consistency truly is key in the blogosphere. If you're pushing out a constant flow of material, your readers will stay engaged and have a reason to continue to visit. This is something I still struggle with but am determined to improve.

Have a plan

 Each week, take some time to sit down and plan out what you're going to blog about and when it's going to go out.  By taking the time to do so, you're more likely to be consistent in your posting. Heart & Arrow has a super awesome blog planner (pictured below) in their shop to help you plan! I plan on purchasing one!

Make it short

I've skipped out on posting many a times because I think I don't have time to write this long and detailed blog post. Not every blog post has to be long. Honestly, they shouldn't be too long in the first place. Most people don't have time to read a novel. Give them the goods, make it fun, add an image then post! No need for a two page blog post. Ain't nobody got time for that!


If I've learned anything from having a presence on Twitter and participating in #Blogtober14, it's that interaction is crucial. Tweeting and sharing a link to your blog gets it 'out there' but that's about it. Interacting with your target audience and other bloggers is what will bring people to your page. Ask questions and encourage people to comment. When they comment, reply back! 


Use tags, keywords and links! Seriously, do it. If you're talking about a company or person link to their website or social media profile. If you're writing a review, link to what you're reviewing especially if it's music or a video. Embedding is great as well. 

Use Quality Photos

People love imagery. Including photos in a post not only makes it more interesting, but it breaks up the text. However, don't just throw any image in there. Make sure you have the right to use it and that it's of good quality. No pixelated photos please!

Reach out

Reach out to other bloggers to do a guest post. Contact companies to write pieces on their products or events. Not only are you helping them out, but you're creating coverage for yourself and your blog. Plus, you may get some freebies or meet some cool people along the way.

Don't Limit Your Sharing

Don't limit yourself to sharing through Twitter or Facebook. Find other outlets that your target audience would be present in. I'm on a social networking site focused on music called bmpur. I now share all of my music related posts onto bmpur and I've definitely noticed a spike. 

Keep Having Fun + Find Inspiration

You entered the blogging world for fun and you should still be having fun living in it! When things get crazy and you just don't feel like blogging, remember why you started in the first place. Read a few of your old blog posts for motivation. See how far you've come? As for finding inspiration...look AND listen everywhere. Turn to music, your job, something you read or experienced. Inspiration is everywhere, just look for that spark. It'll come to you. I promise. 


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