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The Best/Worst Vacation

Rebecca Potzner2 Comments


Two vacations came to mind when I read todays prompt. They weren't THE absolute best vacations, but they weren't the absolute worst either. Like life itself, they had their ups and downs. Shall we take a look?

Exhibit A) The Carnival Cruise

The Best: Um, helloooooo. It was a freakin' cruise! We traveled to islands with the bluest/clearest water I've ever seen, we snorkled with turtles, got massages from sting rays, swam into a barracuda, drank pina colada's in a pool, and more! We made a friend from Canada and enjoyed the endless supply of food provided. I ventured out of the norm and ordered just about everything including escargot! 

The Worst: Katlyn and I went on this cruise with her grandmother and her grandmother's friend, Lil. While they were an absolute blast, we ran into a bit of a scare one evening. You see, Lil went missing. The bathroom door was locked and there was no answer. Once unlocked, there was no one to be found inside. We searched for Lil and called the security on the cruise ship. Low and behold, Lil was window midnight. Thank goodness we found her! 

Oh, and while it's funny now...We hiked through the Puerto Rican rainforst in dresses. We just weren't prepared to spend the whole day in the forest. 


Exhibit B) The Florida Beach Houses

For once in my life, I decided to go on a beach trip with a group of friends. I was pretty freaking pumped! While we had a lot of good times during our trip to Florida, we got off to a rocky start. 

The Best: We were on the beach and I hadn't been in quite some time. Remember how much I LOVE the ocean?  We were staying in two beautiful beach houses which also had a pool and a hot tub. Did I mention that they made us cookies every day? Um, yes please! But moving on, I truly enjoyed the bonding time I shared with m sorority sisters as we enjoyed the beach life in the sun with cherry coke's in hand.

The Worst: Whew! There was some drama that ensued because of lack of communication and caused a divide in the group. Pure and simple, communication could've saved it all. It was unfortunate that it happened and kind of put a damper on things for a bit, but we've all moved past it.  Even though they're your friends, remember to use your manors and speak up. They can't always read your mind! 

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