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He puts the “DJ’s just press play” people to shame.

With an intense light and sound production, Cincinnati was introduced to BORGEOUS.

Submerged into the beat, the crowd fell into his trance. Throughout the hour and a half set, BORGEOUS mixed in his own pieces including ‘Tsunami’, ‘Invincible’, and ‘Wildfire’. Later sprinkling in a few Krewella edits, it was a smart move whether or not he knew that Cincinnati has a strong love for the trio.

Talking to the crowd, jumping to the music, taking his own directions by putting his hands in the air. BORGEOUS didn’t stop there. While falling deep into the music and surroundings, I looked up to catch him pull off an insanely high knee jump. A very impressive Ninja jump, if you will. This guy puts in his all.

Mid jump, people, MID JUMP.    Photo Cred: - Alex Hopple

Mid jump, people, MID JUMP.    Photo Cred: - Alex Hopple

BORGEOUS’ intertwining of genres hyped up the crowd and caught my attention with transitions like ‘Ready For the Weekend’ into ‘Seven Nation Army’ mixed with others forming his edit, 'Ready For The Seven Nation Army Selfie'.  I was thrilled to hear his remix of 'Sweet Summer', the perfect end-of-the-summer anthem.  Never letting the energy die, he continued with pieces you couldn’t help but move to. I mean, no one plays ‘Ping Pong’ not expecting the crowd to get into it. As his time on stage began to disintegrate, the crowd hung around in hopes that  BORGEOUS would entertain all night.

So, here's your call to action: Go see him live. Seriously, do it. While you're waiting, download his newly released single, 'Breathe'. 


Being a fan of his work, I had been looking forward to attending the show since it had been announced. Listening to Sirius XM’s BPM, soundcloud coverage of festival sets, or pressing repeat on an ipod just isn’t the same as experiencing the music LIVE in person. I was not disappointed, but left wanting more.

While Cincinnati offers a lot of music experiences, it lacks in this specific genre. Thanks to Prime Social Group, Mynt Martini and DJ Davey C, that’s quickly changing. The nightlife spot has been working extremely hard to cultivate a strong scene for our city and it’s not going unnoticed.


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