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Dillon Francis takes advantage of Social Media Influence for Valentine's Day

Music, Social MediaRebecca PotznerComment

As social media continues to evolve, so do our uses and the content that is shared through each outlet. It's used to promote people/places/things, gain status/popularity, connect and for many it's a way to bring in revenue. Valentine's Day is quick in approaching and the marketing for date opportunities and gifts for your loved ones is skyrocketing. But what are companies and people of influence doing to stand out among the overflow on our social networks. How can we leverage social media presence during such a lovey dovey time? 

Well, DJ/Producer, Dillon Francis, has decided to put his popularity and social media presence to use to make some extra cash. In his online store, fans are able to pay for a customized tweet or video from him to your significant other or BFF on Valentine's Day. 

1 ) On Valentine’s Day, Dillon Francis will tweet your significant other or BFF a happy valentine’s day tweet. Limited to 50. ($50)

2) Dillon will send your significant other or BFF a video of him wishing them a happy valentine’s day. Limited to 10. ($500)

3) Dillon will create an original video telling your choice of GF/BF/BFF telling them that you are leaving them because you are in love. Limited to 10. ($1,000)

Now, if this were any one else I'd , but this is a total Dillon move. It's his personality, his brand. And to be honest, if I had an extra $50 or $500 laying around I would probably do it. Dillon Francis is only proving that opportunities are endless when it comes to social media.