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17 Professionals Share PR-Related Trends on the Horizon for 2015

Rebecca PotznerComment
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For this month's issue of Public Relations Tactics by PRSA, myself and 16 other professionals were asked to share our insight on PR trends that we see on the horizon for the new year. Reading all of the different answers, the diversity of PR truly shines through which is one reason why I chose to go into the field. I've included my thoughts below, but the entire article can be found here.

“Honing in on personalization with target audiences — while it should be about quality over quantity, we’re going to see companies take that extra step and personalize their message to individuals or select groups. We’ve seen this with Coca-Cola and their name campaign, but this trend is going to go further with social media content, blogs and emails catered to their receiver. It won’t be about how much and how fast we’re pushing things out, but about how we can make it unique enough to connect with its audience.”