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#BestNine2015 A Look Back at my Year

Rebecca PotznerComment

Time seems to fly by any more but a lot happened in 2015 that I will never forget. My Instagram best nine did a horrible job of highlighting my I create my own which turned into a billion photos. Somehow, I narrowed it down to 16. Here are some of my highlights from 2015....

1. Meeting diplo still blows my mind to this day. This dude has helped create the soundtrack to my life and it was an unforgettable experiencing getting to talk to him.

2. I did a lot of writing this year holy smokes! From my personal blog to Throwed Magazine and now and being published in PRSA Tactics. They've all brought me experiences I maybe never thought would have happened. They've all shown me it's possible with hard work to get closer to your dreams.

3. Serving as the New Pros chair brought me more than I could have imagined. I learned a lot, we accomplished a lot and most of all, we gained friendship.

4. I ventured to Bonnaroo, my first camping festival and it was everything you could've dreamt of. An experience I encourage any music lover to take. I've never experienced the radiance of positivity like I did at roo.

5. Kicking off 2015, I landed JAdore an interview with and Emma Hewitt. I wasn't sure how we'd pull it off but we did and that feeling of accomplishment was out of this world. Further proving, PR is where it's at for me. Since then my relationship with JAdore has only strengthened and so has her career. I can't wait to see what this new year brings!

6. I launched #coffeebeanswithbecca. A small feat, but it's been a lot of fun.

7. 2015 was the year of music for me,  attending 51 concerts and 4 festivals. Woah!  Here's to hoping 2016 is just as musically focused :)

8. I made the plunge and pledged my love for our city of Cincinnati by becoming part of the Ink your love project.

9. More concerts!!!! But, I'm forever thankful for the people who support me in my work and the growth of #cincyedm including my mom who went to see 3LAU with me. Yeah, she's cool.

10. We survived tomorrowworld! Finally taking on a full weekend, we didn't let the weather get us down (until we left haha). We lived that weekend with no cares, dancing barefoot in the pools at the Q dance stage. My love for music festivals continues... Even after the mud.

11. I'm blessed to have a job that I love and gives me the opportunity to work amazing events. WS Open is just one event that I am grateful to have experienced for the second time.

12. I had Social Media Day officially proclaimed in Cincinnati! While the ran out a damper on our events, it didn't stop is and there's always next year to build it!

13. I made my DJ debut! With the encouragement of great friends, I took the plunge and realized I absolutely love it. Who knew I'd make it in the Enquirer my first time around? This year, I hope to learn more about the art.

14. Lots and lots of adventures with friends from Orlando to Vegas to just around Cincy. Hearing Kelsey Noland say she loved Armin Van Buurens set at Freaky Deaky still my heart. That was the icing on the cake.

15. I could not have dreamt this. Working the All Star Game festivities with Game Day and MLB was one of the coolest opportunities I have ever had. I wouldn't trade that week for the world.

16. Finally last but not least, I was accepted into Nap Girls, a creative collaborative of women promoting gender equality in the music industry, and I could not be more honored to be connected with a group of amazing and talented women.i can't wait to see what Nap Girls can accomplish this year.