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It's My Birthday and I'll Blog If I Want To

Rebecca PotznerComment

All together now..."It's my birthday and I'll blog if I want to, blog if I want to."

Yes, I want you to sing it. 

Today, just so happens to be the day I was born twenty four years ago. If I were to use Timehop through Twist on PR, it would show that I blogged,  "All I want for my a big PR girl job". Sung to the beat of that one 2 Chainz tune, of course. 

Quite a lot has changed since then. One very important part being that I did land a big PR girl job and I absolutely love it! Proof that birthday wishes do come true even if you share them. Heck, it might of even helped! 

Besides landing an amazing job, Twist on PR has received quite the face lift in the past year. We've switched websites, tried on new layouts, hired writers and even gave birth to a new addition, RPM. Looking back, it's a bit crazy how much things can change in a year. But, guess what? I'm not done yet. I'm just getting started. 

So, here's to a year full of blogging, working with new clients, new business ventures, discovering new music, enjoying life's adventures and so much more. 

PS. Please, please, please comment on anything you'd like me and my writers to blog about. After all, you're the ones reading it. :)