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Making an Impact This Christmas with The Parative Project

Rebecca PotznerComment
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As professionals in the PR, marketing and communications world, we know the power of a word. And when one word is strung together with a few others...WOW! The beauty and impact of a phrase or a sentence can move a person. Now, why not take something so powerful and print it on a t-shirt? Everyone wears 'em and everyone reads 'em. That's exactly what The Parative Project is doing. 

The Parative Project wants to "dream to do". So how exactly are they "do"-ing? Well, they've chosen and designed everyday goods that are produced by businesses that provide "fair wages, stability and healing to those who have been freed from human trafficking and poverty." Their products are simple but eye-catching and bring hope to those who were once victims of slavery. A perfect example of how anyone can make an impact in the fight against modern day slavery. You can make a difference this Christmas! Order your last minute gifts before noon on 12/19 and you'll receive your Parative projects just in time. 


**All photos from The Parative Project.