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3 Easy Ways to Keeping Fit at Liberty Center

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As a young professional, it can be hard to find a good balance between work, leading a social life and trying to be your healthiest self. It’s easy to let things consume our lives leaving the others on the back burner. The key? Making it work for YOU and your schedule. Lifestyle centers like Liberty Center are making it easy to shop, dine and get your fit on. Multi-tasking at its absolute finest! Let me tell you what I mean…

Take a Walk

Seriously, do it! I could’ve parked, ran into Liberty Center’s Foundry to grab what I needed but I  didn’t. The gym is great and all but when the weather is nice it’s hard to convince yourself to stay inside. Since I was shopping around, it only made sense to get those extra steps in while perusing the outdoor shops and park area. 

Cardio now, weight lifting later! Liberty Center hosts a few walking maps on their website including distance and step count. It helped spice things up from our usual routes and stepped in for my fit bit that was left at home. 

Order Smart

Since making my super cliche, but very ok new years resolution, I’ve been trying to eat healthier. Northstar Cafe made sticking to my goal super easy and not once was I caught dreaming about french fries (and your girl LOVES french fries). I ordered the Northstar Burger made with organic black beans, brown rice and beets, topped with white cheddar, kale, tomato, pickle and onion + simple salad on the side. It was DELICIOUS! The helping was very generous and I ended up saving half of it for lunch the next day. My friend ordered the chicken avocado sandwich. After snagging a bite, I knew i’d be back just for that sandwich.

Bonus: They had a great selection of music and found myself grooving to my favorites, Glass Animals. 

In an effort to cut back on my sugar and dairy intake, instead of grabbing my usual after meal coffee I went to DAVIDsTEA. Plus, it’s the only location in the tri-state area and the options seem almost endless. I ordered a deliciously fruity and refreshing iced mango madness tea.

Give Yourself An Incentive

While somehow resisting the urge to add to my ever-growing t-shirt collection, I found myself trying on a reflective pair of gym shoes in H&M. Perfect for pairing with my signature all-black ensemble or for shuffling at a music festival (if i ever learn how), I had to have them. They're cool enough to rock while working an event but stable enough to give you support during a walk or quick work out. With anything new, I couldn’t wait to put them to use. My tip? Find some fun athletic wear that motivates you to put them to use. Pick out a pair of shoes or leggings as an incentive for reaching new goals. My next goal? Earn some leggings to wear to a Yoga class. 


** This post was sponsored by Liberty Center and I am a staff member of Game Day Communications, PR agency of record for Liberty Center.