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3 Office Etiquette Tips You Should Be Practicing

Young ProfessionalRebecca PotznerComment

Everyone has their preferences. When it comes to company culture and office environment, there’s no exception. Some offices are quiet and closed off while others are more open and lively. There’s not necessarily a right or wrong way, it’s just about preference and how your team works best. Regardless of your office set up, spending day after day around the same people can lead to becoming a little too comfortable. So, here’s a simple reminder on office etiquette.


Music up, headphones on.

If you’re anything like me, you work better with music playing. Unless your office has established an open music environment, it’s best to use headphones as to not bother those around you. There’s a pretty good chance my co-worker doesn’t want to hear me blaring Eric Prydz all day and I’d rather not have to listen to their elevator music. Headphones allow you to continue listening while others are holding meetings, on a call or just focusing on their own to-dos. 

Tip: If your co-workers are all really into music, create a playlist! Ask each person to submit their favorite song that keeps them motivated or on task. Put them together on Spotify and rock on.



Knocking is apparently a thing of the past. Well, I’m here to tell you that we’re bringing it back! Seriously, start knocking on doors before you enter whether it be someone's office space or the restroom. Yes, the door may be locked but you know that feeling of hearing someone yanking your closed door. A knock on the door is a simple gesture of respect and helps you avoid awkward situations.

Tip: Knock then wait to enter until you’re addressed...because that’s how knocking works.


Elevator Manners - They’re real.

If you work in a large building chances are you’re taking an elevator a few times a day. I do. Heck, I even have to take an elevator to get to the nearest restroom. My day to day experience with the elevator has me mind boggled with how people enter and exit. Rule 1) Don’t stand on top of the door while waiting for it to get to your floor. Leave a comfortable space for people to exit. Rule 2) Let people exit before entering. There’s a 99.9% chance they don’t want to ride the elevator all day. Let them off!

Tip: Standing next to the buttons? Ask those riding which floor they’re going to so they don’t have to reach over you or so they don’t miss their stop.