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Switch Up Your Mid-Day Pick Me Up

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It's no secret that I'm a coffee devotee. The aroma and flavor seem to give me an instant perk up. But even the biggest of fans could use a switch here and there. With an entire wall lined with canisters, DAVIDsTEA at Liberty Center offers a chance to switch things up from my typical cup of coffee. Over 150 different times to be exact. Plus, it's the only DAVIDsTEA location in all of Ohio. 

Like a kid in a candy store, I was mesmerized. 150+ options. However, would I choose?  Color coated, the wall moves from no caffeine to give me all the caffeine you've got. You've got your typical tea flavors, even matcha, but sprinkled in you'll find unique flavors including Birthday Cake... that actually has sprinkles in the mix.

Now that we're in the store, let's get to creating our perfect mid-day pick me up.

1. Choose a tea

Since we're looking for a caffeine fix, I tend to stick from the middle to the right which includes the burgundy, pink, orange and yellow canisters. Not sure if you're going to like a tea? Ask them to bring down a few that you're contemplating. You'll be able to take a look at the tea and give it a smell. The employees are very knowledgeable and can give you insight on how it will taste. This time around, I went straight for the yellow and picked out Grapefruit Squeeze. 

2. Choose a style

Now that we've picked out our tea, it's time to decide how we want to drink it. Hot? Iced? Make it a latte? All three are tasty options. It just depends on what you're in the mood for. Hot is going to be your classic style while a latte is going to add a frothy milk to the mix. Since it's been unbearably hot in Cincinnati, I made no hesitation in ordering an iced tea. 

3. Sweetener or no sweetener?

Some like it sweet, some don't. DAVIDsTEA offers different options to sweeten up your tea including honey and agave. All great options. Again, it just depends on personal preference. I personally like to add sweetener to my tea to add in a little extra flavor. 

4. Steep and sip

Whew, all this decision making is making me thirsty! Once you've given them your order, they steep it right there! Fresh and ready to go. They'll sit the steeper on top of the cup and the brewed tea pours right out into the cup. Like magic! The Grapefruit Squeeze with agave was absolutely delicious and incredibly refreshing. So good, I went back two days later to order another one. Sorry not sorry! 

DAVIDsTEA has made me a HUGE fan of tea and so I purchased their starter kit bundle. For just $20, you get your own steeper, a rainbow tin of loose leaf tea, a bottle of organic agave and a spoon! Seriously, you can't beat it. 


** This post was sponsored by Liberty Center and I am a staff member of Game Day Communications, PR agency of record for Liberty Center.  All opinions are and always will be my own.