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6 Tips for Leading a PRSA New Pros Local Chapter

Young ProfessionalRebecca PotznerComment

Whether you’re in a current leadership position or your looking to take on a lead role with your local New Pros chapter, it never hurts to seek advice. PRSA writes that “New Professionals membership is a mark of distinction that demonstrates your confidence and desire to succeed.” They’re right. That’s why you’re here, to succeed and to help others succeed.

Becoming a New Professional member and now leading my local chapter, I’ve come to learn a lot about leadership and myself. Here are a few tips that I’ve learned from leading my local New Pros chapter that I hope will help you and your chapter.

1. Don’t be a lone wolf. While you’re leading the chapter, this doesn’t mean that you should be doing absolutely all of the work on your own. Forming a leadership committee will not only strengthen the bond of your chapter but it allows members to take initiative and to help shorten your to-do list. Don’t be afraid to delegate or to ask for assistance. Remember, two heads are better than one!

2. Communication is key. As cliche as it sounds, keeping a strong open communication channel between your members, leadership team and PRSA board is crucial. Scheduling board meetings, emailing updates or even meeting for a quick coffee can help keep everyone accountable and in the know. This tip falls hand in hand with the next two.

3. Collaborate. As New Pros, we are essentially the middle man between PRSA and PRSSA giving us the opportunity to open new doors and spark new relationships. Take advantage of this. Connect with local PRSSA chapters by inviting them to events or offering to work with them on future events. The same goes for your PRSA chapter. They want to know what the younger generation is up to, so keep them in the loop! Even better, reach out and work together on a future program. After all, PRSA offers all the perks!

4. Be Socially Connected. Considering our demographic, social media has become the best outlet to reach members and potential new members. Networks like Facebook and Twitter are great to share content and to help to spread the word on your upcoming events. While your organization’s profiles are important, a great tool to take advantage of is Facebook groups and Google Drive. These both allow you to reach your board and start an ongoing conversation without bombarding their email inbox or clogging their hard drive.

5. Map it out.  It’s no secret that people like consistency. It makes things easy. Taking the time to map out chapter events for the year helps to keep a consistent calendar and makes for easy planning. After establishing your chapter’s goals for the year, brainstorm program ideas and line them up throughout the year. This helps establish a plan you can stick with and promote.

6. Make it fun. It’s not all work, promise! Take time to relax and enjoy some time with your members to catch up. As for events, think outside of the box. Events don’t always have to consist of sitting in a stuffy room listening to someone speak or just a simple happy hour.  Go behind the scenes somewhere, attend a sports game. or take a tour around the city. Your opportunities are endless and each option offers a chance to make a new connection.