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BOOK REVIEW: Social Media Marketing Workbook by Jason McDonald

Social MediaDrew BoehmkerComment

As a content strategist by trade, I found Jason McDonald’s Social Media Marketing Workbook to be loaded with solid, practical advice for both novice and experienced social media marketers alike. Working under the conceit that effective social media marketing is like throwing a party, McDonald’s Workbook includes a host of excellent “party favors” that can benefit any kind of marketer looking to expand (or start) a brand’s presence in the social sphere. I particularly liked the numerous real-world examples utilized throughout the book as well as the top tools and resources given for all of the major social platforms—including several I had never heard of but could see myself using quite frequently. Each chapter’s “To Do List” also gives the Social Media Marketing Workbook a great degree of practicality, with plenty of hands-on exercises to ensure that after reading this book you will be able to deliver a social media plan that delivers real results.

In short, whether you’re an experienced “partygoer” on social media or someone just starting to join the world of SMM, this Workbook is one worth spending time with! Find more information on the Workbook here.