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10 Things I'd Tell Myself When I First Started Blogging

Rebecca PotznerComment

To be honest, I just jumped into the world of blogging with blind folds on. I didn't really follow any blogs or know what it took to become a successful blog. I joined the blogging world solely for the fact that I wanted to document my experiences through my various internships. It's truly amazing how much my blog and blogging style has evolved from that very first post that gushed about my first day as an intern. If I could go back and talk to my n00b blogger self, here's a few things I'd share:

Twist on PR to host First Twitter Chat

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I would like to invite all of you to participate in the very first Twist on PR Twitter chat. As our first event is Tuesday, March 11, I wanted to everyone to get excited, involved, and prepared. Not only do I want people attending to participate but also those who can't attend. On Monday, March 10, I'll be leading the personal brand based chat. Follow along with the hashtag, #TwistonPR. Hope to tweet you soon! 


Twist on PR to Host First Networking Event

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I've been itching to plan an event here lately. So, I did! On March 11 at 6pm, I invite any and everyone to attend Twist on PR's first networking event at The Famous Neons Unplugged in Over the Rhine. What makes this event so special? Well, we are thrilled that Krista Neher, Founder of Bootcamp Digital, has agreed to speak with us about personal branding and how to make it shine through social media. I hope to see all of my Tri-State area supporters there!